The Power of Demonstration – Keeping the Message Alive

2 Timothy 3:10-17 NIV

National Baptist Deacons' Convention Women’s Auxiliary

From The Desk of President Clarice Thompson

     It gives me great pleasure to invite you to come fellowship with the Women’s Auxiliary. We are about great things and serving a Great God. The women stand on the promises given to us in the Word. Our main goal is being the best servant we can be, serving in our local churches and communities.

    The key to service is being and doing our best to be a healthy Christian. Attending the National Baptist Deacons' Convention is a station where we can stop and rest in Jesus for growth. Sometimes we forget that we need to stop and rest in Jesus for perfection of service.

    We are women that are committed to the purposes of God's Word. In doing the plans God has for our lives, concrete decisions will help us fulfill the vision He has placed within us.

    Our motto is "Let's work in harmony with others, respecting their position and unique contributions to the work of the church.

Be blessed and stay focused on the mission of the church.

Deaconess Dr. Clarice Thompson
Women’s Auxiliary President to the 
National Baptist Deacons' Convention of America, Inc.


Officers of The Women’s Auxiliary

2018 to 2019 Officers

President: Deaconess Clarice Thompson ~ MD

First Vice President: Deaconess Alfreda LeVaine ~ SC

Second Vice President: Deaconess Mary Lomax ~ DE

Third Vice President: Deaconess Marilyn Greene ~ NJ

Fourth Vice President: Deaconess Carolyn Saunders ~ DC

Fifth Vice President: Deaconess Carolyn Dillard ~ VA

Sixth Vice President: Deaconess Lillian Wilson ~ CT

Vice President At-Large: Deaconess Geraldine Twine ~ FL

Recording Secretary: Deaconess Ingrid Bell ~ PA

Assistant Recording Secretary: Deaconess Deborah Gaines~ MD

Correspondence Secretary: Deaconess Phyllis Wiggins ~ CT

Assistant Correspondence Secretary: Deaconess  Ruby Allen ~ DE

Financial Secretary: Deaconess Rosalind Walker ~ MD

Assistant Financial Secretary: Florence Goldsborough ~ DE

Treasurer: Deaconess Wilhelmina Smaw ~ VA

Assistant Treasurer: Deaconess Jackie Russell ~ SC

Chaplin: Deaconess Cynthia Jones ~ VA

Assistant Chaplin: Deaconess Alma Edwards ~ DC

Parliamentarian: Deaconess Rosie Henry ~ DC